An Initiative to Strengthen Advocacy Efforts Worldwide

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Total Population 63,231,000
Cohorts 65-74 4,976,000
75-85 4,001,000
85+ 1,647,000
Total 65+ 10,624,000
% of Total Population 16.8%


Retina France

retinaRetina France aims to gather the people affected by visual impairment, in order to assist and support them, promote scientific research, raise awareness about visual impairment, and the organization’s actions in general. The organization has 21 000 members today, and gains more than a hundred monthly.

Created in the Centre for Studies and Research in Ophthalmology Therapeutics in 1995 to conduct research and develop new therapy to treat blinding retinal disease. Retina France has many means of information dissemination (newspaper, newsletter, hotline, online forums, social media) and collaborate with French organizations (insurance company and telecommunication company) to raise awareness and gather funds.


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