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Total Population 83,017,000
Cohorts 65-74 9,829,000
75-85 5,549,000
85+ 1,896,000
Total 65+ 17,274,000
% of Total Population 20.8%


(German Federation for the Blind and Partially Sighted)

DVBS wants every blind or partially sighted person to be able to live as autonomously as possible. They are therefore committed to the creation of equal conditions for the blind and partially sighted, their societal and professional integration, as well as improvement of their social status. In this objective, it impacts the creation of German laws and public policies, stands up for compensatory measures to offset the disadvantages resulting from the disability, and promotes accessible public areas.

There is no membership, but DBSV combines and coordinates the public appearances and efforts of 20 regional associations, which represent more than 36,000 members. It communicates with them through 6 different vision-related magazines. DBSV in an active member of the European Blind Union and the World Blind Union working on a global scale.



BAGSO (German Association of Senior Citizens Organizations)

bagsoBAGSO represents over 100 organizations’ interests to government, society and business, and shows through its publications and events a possible way for healthy ageing. It is committed to a realistic image of aging in society, independent living in old age, social participation of older people, solidarity between generations, healthy aging and quality health and nursing care, as well as the interests of older consumers. It informs the government on older people’s issues, and gives opinion about creating new public policies.



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