An Initiative to Strengthen Advocacy Efforts Worldwide

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About AGA

examAction in Global Advocacy is devised to be the common ground for collective, effective, and inclusive advocacy development.

AGA will respond to gaps in coalition building and mobilize effective and responsible advocacy campaigns globally towards the goal of addressing preventable vision impairment and blindness across ageing and vision organizations.  The aim of this project is to act as a unified body to renew and build momentum that will foster open communication, transparent and rich knowledge exchange, and move forward as one voice in support of vision health and ageing within and across countries around the world.

AGA is a connecting agent. Bringing together various organizations, sectors, disciplines, and experts together for the common cause of improving the quality of life of older people, providing older people the opportunity to live their later years free of visual impairment or blindness through improved awareness, education, and access to timely examinations and treatments.

This platform is the beginning to strengthen organizational capacity and stimulate national, regional and advocacy efforts to ensure this pertinent public health issue is priority on every government’s agenda.