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Total Population 195,210,000
Cohorts 65-74 8,214,000
75-85 3,976,000
85+ 1,296,000
Total 65+ 13,486,000
% of Total Population over 65 years old 6.9%
% of people 60+ years old with reported difficulty seeing in 2010 47.73%


Retina Brazil


The mission of Retina Brazil is to provide support to patients with retinal degenerative diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), retinitis pigmentosa and other retina dystrophies.

Through its initiatives, Retina Brazil encourages the development of research for the treatment and cure of retinal diseases, promotes preventative measures and facilitates the improvement of access to existing treatments and community supports.



Brazilian Academy of Opthamology

aboThe Academy brings together Brazilian ophthalmologists to stimulate national ophthalmologic knowledge and contribute to the development of the Brazilian scientific rigor in ophthalmology.

The Academy aims to generate and disseminate knowledge in ophthalmology through specific actions, independently, and together with private and public bodies.



governoCity of Rio de Janeiro – Secretariat of Healthy Aging and Quality of Life

The objectives of the Secretariat is to: formulate and implement state policies as it relates to an ageing population; articulate actions to existing networks of care; promote healthy ageing activities and programs; encourage the inclusion and participation of older adults in social and political issues; developing policies to protect the rights of older people; and prevent violence against older people.



Brazilian Association of Friends, Family and Persons with Glaucoma (ABRAG)

associacaoThe Brazilian Association of Friends, Family and Persons with Glaucoma provide support, education, and information to patients and the public.

ABRAG also aims to raise awareness of groups of people who may be at risk of diagnosis and promote the exchange of experience between glaucoma patients, family and friends.



Brazilian Society of Ocular Geriatrics

Founded in Sao Paulo, the Brazilian Society of Ocular Geriatrics aims to serve as a bridge between various specialists who provide services and information to older people diagnosed with specific eye disease conditions. The Society also serves as a channel of communication between and across other medical specialties and health.

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