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Total Population 46,182,000
Cohorts 65-74 3,837,000
75-85 3,007,000
85+ 1,054,000
Total 65+ 7,898,000
% of Total Population 17.1%


ONCE (National Organization of Spanish Blind People)


ONCE is the largest Spanish Association that advocates for people who are blind or have visual impairment to ensure programs and services adequately addresses their needs.

ONCE has over 70,000 registered members, where 40% is over the age of 60. In September 2013 ONCE was awarded Spain’s Premio Principe de Asturias for Concord – a coveted award from the Prince of Asturias Foundation recognizing those contributing to the public good.

The ONCE Association and the ONCE Foundation are separate entities, however both serve those with visual impairment and blindness, and continue to build a strong network to raise awareness and provide for this segment of the population. As the leading organization in Spain and recognized internationally, ONCE has a broad network of partners across academia, industry, and government.

ONCE and its foundations are active over 25 States in Spain, 19 other Latin American countries, and also has a location in Africa and the Balkans to ensure blind children in these locations receive the education they deserve.



Design For All Spain


Design for All is the intervention on environments, products and services with the aim that everyone, including future generations, regardless of age, gender, capabilities or cultural background, can enjoy participating in the construction of our society.

Moreover, Design for All wishes to ensure society enables equal opportunities for the ageing population to participate in economic, social, cultural, recreational and entertainment activities with as little assistance and as independently as possible.