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Total Population 72,138,000
Cohorts 65-74 3,178,000
75-85 1,658,000
85+ 251,000
Total 65+ 5,087,000
% of Total Population 7%


The Six Dots Foundation


The Foundation was established for the education, rehabilitation, and employment of blind individuals, increasing their efficiency to prevent genetic blindness and improve awareness of their needs. Although focused on individuals already with visual impairment or blindness, the Foundation has also collaborated on various projects to prevent the detrimental impacts of various eye diseases and raise awareness of the importance of annual eye examinations.


The Turkish Ophthalmology Society


The Turkish Ophthalmology Society is the leading organization representing Ophthalmologists and assuring the provision of optimal eye care for all Turkish citizens, by promoting excellence in ophthalmology and providing services to support and protect members in practice. The Society holds a national congress every year that gathers experts and ophthalmologists across Turkey to address pressing issues in eye health, latest medical and technological advancements, and best practices.


The Federation for the Blind in Turkey

The Federation serves those that are visually impaired through various supports – economically, socially, culturally, recreationally, and professionally. The Federation also protects the rights and interests of those visually impaired and blind to improve all areas of life, enforce non-discriminatory practices, and promote the importance of legislations for those who are visually disabled.


turkish_geriatric_societyThe Turkish Geriatric Society (TGS)

The Turkish Geriatric Society is a national, neutral, nonprofit organization which aims to increase the standards in the field of geriatrics including education, patient care and treatment. The society also aims to create or make contributions for the development of technical, scientific and social facilities and it also cooperates with any and all related institutions, organizations, foundations and societies for this purpose. TGS is an observing member of the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS), a member of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG).


Eye Foundation (Goz Vakfi)


The Eye Foundation is an institution that cares about patient satisfaction, quality and ethical principles, blindness after birth, public awareness, early diagnosis, and corrective and active treatment for a range of eye diseases. The Eye Foundation opened the first ever eye hospital in Turkey, in response to the inadequate number of eye treatment centers in Turkey and the overall lack of awareness about the importance of and knowhow to maintain eye health. Since its inception, the hospital has performed over 2.2 million eye examinations for the important cause of preventing blindness


bayerBayer Turkey

Bayer Türk has been present in Turkey for more than 50 years. All three subgroups, “HealthCare”, “MaterialScience” and “CropScience”, are well positioned in Turkey and leading in their respective markets. Bayer is among the top 130 companies in Turkey and the 7th largest exporter in the chemical industry.

Bayer Türk has 19 regional offices throughout Turkey and operates two production sites in the greater Istanbul area. Bayer Turkey has recently become involved in the eye care industry and is focused on improved advocacy efforts to raise awareness of age-related eye diseases

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