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Current and Emerging Issues Facing Canadian Seniors – Fireside Chat


With the ageing of the population, seniors and near-seniors issues are at the forefront of economic, health and social policy decision makers. Much has been documented by experts on the needs of an aging population but questions remain, “Are the seniors’ policy issues we face today the same as what we will face in the future?” Have the current policy issues remained constant or are issues shifting priority? Are new issues emerging?

Join us for an interactive discussion with  IFA Secretary General, Dr. Jane Barratt who will be sharing the IFA’s findings on the current and emerging issues facing Canadian seniors and seniors across the globe.

This Fireside Chat, sponsored by Employment and Social Development Canada will be of interest to government policy and program representatives, health and social care practitioners, seniors’ organizations, academic researchers, and students in the field of gerontology, psychology, nursing and social work.

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